54 Hillingdon Road
London, England DA7 6LW
United Kingdom
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Breakfast Meeting "The Emerging and Emergent Church"

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Oasis Community is a small family church with a strong believe in sharing our very lives with one another in truth; seeking opportunity to bear one another’s burden and share our joys.

A called out community somewhat mirroring when the Church began in Acts of Apostles. (Acts 4: 32-34).

We believe in and teach the supremacy and inerrancy of scriptures, the infallible word of God as sufficient for every facet of life and godliness for the believer.

We advocate that every believer be a part of a local assembly not so much for activities or membership but for spiritual advancement and growth under a Pastor-teacher. Without true growth spiritually, spiritual greatness remains in the imagination.

Oasis Community therefore is simply a place of encouragement, training and instruction for believers to the end that every believer might become spiritual and self-sustaining.

Oasis Community is a place where you are prepared for the work of the ministry and service to the building up of the body of Christ.

Our purpose and goal in Oasis is accomplished through consistent communication of sound Bible doctrine.

The Church’s media ministry is being designed to make Bible Doctrine freely available to all who thirst for the Truth or have a desire and interest in Bible study.

This ministry includes audio teaching/lessons, books and teaching diagrams.

Venue: 54 Hillingdon Road, Barnehurst, Kent DA7 6LW.

Sunday service: 10am - 1pm

Wednesdays School of Ministry: 7pm - 9pm