The Making of A Father

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Paul Fadeyi

The Making of a Father
The latest bestseller from Paul Fadeyi


From the beginning of time there has been a consistent yearning for real fathers. The Making of a Father is a book which expresses God’s response to this need.

Founded on God’s inspiration, this book will open your eyes to His plan for fathers to be made. Page by page you will be taken on a journey along God’s production line that purposefully converts ‘raw males’ into fatherhood. The many lessons in this book will bless your heart as you discover, embark upon or even re-visit fatherhood.

Fatherhood is a one such purposefully awesome, yet misunderstood office. Only God makes men into fathers – not society, schooling, military or even counsellors.

Fathers are made by God; fathers are leaders, achievers, servants and champions. Fathers are part of His design to influence this dying world and set things straight.

“This book will will enhance your lifestyle and advance your leadership!”

The making of a father is a defined, carefully calculated process. It involves various stages which manifest as life experiences – mankind cannot live in God’s image without the making of fathers.

“If you know anyone who aspires to be a leader, bless them today with a copy of Paul Fadeyi’s new bestseller, The Making of a Father.”

Paul Fadeyi
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Paul Fadeyi is the presiding Bishop of Grace Outreach Church Worldwide. The ministry headquarters is located in London, England. He is called to be an Apostle to the nations. God has blessed his work with consistent growth, miracles, signs and wonders, both home and abroad.

The Apostolic anointing upon his life has influenced and impacted countless numbers of people. This is evident by the unusual spiritual capacity God has given him to impact joy into people’s lives, an anointing that has drawn many to the Lord. He has a keen interest for learning. In addition to his previous qualification in Food Technology, he recently gained a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Religious Studies.

Bishop Paul is happily married to his amiable wife, Joyce and they are blessed with three wonderful children.

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