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Africa’s growing giant: Nigeria’s new retail economy

 Here is a survey carried out on Nigerians' spending power by American firm McKinsey&Company. Very encouraging I think.
Read it below.

Nigeria’s retail economy is already bigger than its oil and gas sector

Mention the words ‘Nigeria’ and ‘economy’ and there's a good chance you’ll conjure up images of sprawling oil fields and vast sums of petrodollars. Nigeria has an enviable supply of the world’s most valuable commodity, and the country’s oil and gas sector has been the key driver of the economy for many decades, constituting more than 14 percent of Nigeria’s GDP and 95 percent o ...

Pictures From The Marketplace Business Masterclass TMBM - Powered by OlojaUK.com

The Marketplace Business Masterclass powered by OlojaUK.com took place on Saturday 10th May 2014. The platform offers SME in the African and Caribbean community to learn and acquire skills to help grow there business. The Expert speakers; Onyi Anyado, Samson and Kojo Bonti-Amoako offered life changing and inspiring ideas to help grow and excel in the business. There were great feed back from both attendees and the speakers in regards to the seminar/workshop. The goal of the organisers was apart from offering an avenue for the African and Caribbean community to promote their product and services throught its website OlojaUK.com - Your Marketplace was to also empower the community in grow ...

Zimbabwe caps salaries for 'fat cat' state executives

HARARE (Reuters) - President Robert Mugabe's government has slashed pay and perks for managers of Zimbabwe's state-owned firms, in a bid to ease public anger over "fat cat" executive salaries, the country's finance minister said on Wednesday.

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said Mugabe's cabinet on Tuesday agreed to cap the salary and perks for managers of government-owned entities and city council bosses at a total of $72,000 a year.

That would be a huge cut for some executives, who were raking in up to half a million a year. Newspaper accounts of their pay had sparked outrage in cash-strapped and deeply impoverished Zimbabwe, where the average government employee makes $370 a mont ...

Reasons why you need a home business

Years ago, the idea of a home business was something mothers did to stay home with their children. Today, many moms still build a business to be home with the kids, but they’re not the only ones seeking the benefits a home business provides. Men, students, and baby boomers all over the world are starting a home business to gain freedom, flexibility and security. Here are five reasons you should consider starting a home business.

Do something you love

Many people view work as a chore. It’s an unpleasant, unfulfilling task that needs to be done to pay the rent. Starting a home business allows you to design a career that you enjoy. If you listen to interviews with the world&rs ...

Nigeria Internet:Telecom subscribers hit 56 million

"Nigerias internet subscribers are growing at an astronomical rate. This is good news for business and the development of the nation"
The Internet subscriber data on the Global System for Mobile Telecommunication and Code Division Multiple Access platforms is now 56,247,979.
This shows an increase of 5,667,268 from the previous figure of 50,580,711 provided by the Nigerian Communications Commission.
The NCC puts GSM Internet subscription at over 56 million, while that of the CDMA is 169,149.
For the GSM networks, MTN led with 28 million subscriptions, followed by Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat with over 12 million, nine million and five million subscribers, respectively.
For the ...